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It was the year 1974 when the Carl Wuebbenhorst Family began camping.  Carl decided to search for a couple of acres in which to park his camper for family use.  Instead of finding a few acres, he found fifty-four acres of over used farmland and abandoned gravel pits.  Opportunity was knocking like a good neighbor and the Wuebbenhorst Family began the construction of a family orientated campground.
Work began diligently: cutting brush, tearing down fence lines, and cleaning up rusted abandoned equipment.  There was much to do, including excavating a driveway to gain entry onto the property.  A bridge across the Pusheta Creek had to be built to achieve access to the western portion of the land as well. 
In our first year of operation only a few sites were available.  Each year more and more camping sites were added: lots in the woods were laid out along with the “drive-thru's” and, of course, the “Boonies” (primitive sites nickname).  Roads were excavated and tons upon tons of gravel were hauled in. Trenches were dug and what seemed like a million miles of electric and water lines were buried. 
Each year has brought more improvements and more campsites.  In addition to camping, a store was built with a managers residence above. With the addition of camper sales, came a sales office, a bigger store area, shelter houses, and a maintenance building and a Laundromat.  In 2009 the sewer system was installed.  For 2013, the newest addition is the 25' x 50' Swimming Pool and 2,000 Sq. Ft. Splash Pad, as well as an additional 17 new camping sites.
But more importantly, is the relationships that we have built with our customers.  Our motto, “Preserving Family Life” was not by accident.  It was and still is a very important part of our campground.
While walking the campground, be sure to stop at the nature reserve created by our campers, the Memorial Rock dedicated to Carl (deceased October 2004) near the “Sports Complex”, and the Rock Wall built by Junior from the remains of the barn of the original farm.  Relax with a swim in the lake, a round of Putter Golf, or just sit on one of the several benches with umbrellas throughout the park.
Our biggest summer attraction is our “Freedom Celebration” during the Fourth of July Weekend.  We celebrate our servicemen and women, past and present.  Everywhere you look; you will see Red, White, and Blue.  When the sun begins to drop; so does the giant American Flag.  Then all is quiet while the “National Anthem” is sung.  Then suddenly the sky lights up as fireworks explode.  In the background, patriotic songs can be heard booming across the lake.  Everyone shows their patriotism by cheering and clapping. It is an event you will not want to miss; one that you will always remember.
 Each weekend throughout the summer months campers come together to share in the fun of duck races, bingo, movies, golf cart parades, and so much more. 
  For us, it is wonderful to see our customers and friends sitting around the campfire and spending time with their families and friends enjoying "A little peace of heaven on earth", as Carl would say!
We are “Preserving Family Life”.

The Wuebbenhorst Family
Marilou (Mom), Junior, Kathi, Cindy, Carla, Alan, and our Families
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